Alabama- Pre-License

Alabama Pre-License State Exam Preparation Course


Applicants will proceed by passing each chapter exam with a mastery of 80% before moving to next chapter. Once all chapter exams have been mastered. Applicant can begin Stage 1-4.

This course prepares the applicant for the Alabama Initial Licensing State Exam by providing UNLIMITED practice exams. These practice exams simulate the state exam, with each practice exam having 140 questions and a 3 1/2 hours time limit. HOWEVER, the questions on the practice exams are remediated, meaning a question that is marked wrong will show the right answer and where to locate in the included eBook.

State practice exam will be in 4 stages.
Stage 1- 75% or above mastery of both national and state practice exams.
Stage 2- 80% or above mastery of both national and state practice exams.
Stage 3- 85% or above mastery of both national and state practice exams.
State 4- 90% or above mastery of the Alabama Preparation Exam.

Though you have 60 day access to this prep course, you should strive to complete it within a few weeks.
  • Orientation
  • Alabama Preparation for State Exam Orientation
  • National Portion
  • Chapter 1- The Real Estate Business Exam
  • Chapter 2- Rights in Real Estate Exam
  • Chapter 3- Interests and Estates Exam
  • Chapter 4- Ownership Exam
  • Chapter 5- Encumbrances and Liens Exam
  • Chapter 6- Transferring and Recording Title to Real Estate Exam
  • Chapter 7- Leasing Essentials Exam
  • Chapter 8- Land Use Planning and Control Exam
  • Chapter 9- Legal Descriptions Exam
  • Chapter 10- Fundamentals of Contract Law Exam
  • Chapter 11- National Agency Exam
  • Chapter 12- Listing Agreements: An Overview Exam
  • Chapter 13- General Brokerage Practices Exam
  • Chapter 14- Overview of Conveyance Contracts Exam
  • Chapter 15- Real Estate Market Economics Exam
  • Chapter 16- Appraising and Estimating Market Value Exam
  • Chapter 17- Real Estate Finance Exam
  • Chapter 18- Real Estate Investment Exam
  • Chapter 19- Real Estate Taxation Exam
  • Chapter 20- Professional Practices Exam
  • Chapter 21- Closings Exam
  • Chapter 22- Overview of Licensing and Regulations Exam
  • Chapter 23- Risk Management Exam
  • Chapter 24- Property Management Exam
  • State Portion
  • Chapter 25- The Alabama Regulatory Environment Exam
  • Chapter 26- Alabama Licensing Regulation Exam
  • Chapter 27- Alabama Brokerage Regulation Exam
  • Chapter 28- Alabama Agency Exam
  • Chapter 29- Alabama License Law Violations Exam
  • Digital Flash Cards
  • Digital Flash Cards
  • Alabama Stage 1-4 Exams
  • Stage 1- 75% Mastery of Alabama Preparation Exam
  • Stage 2- 80% Mastery of Alabama Preparation Exam
  • Stage 3- 85% Mastery of Alabama Preparation Exam
  • Stage 4- 90% Mastery of Alabama Preparation Exam
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed